Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I am anxious to see who comes to visit me here.
This may be redundant for some - I can't decide on the best way for me to blog so I am trying out 3 different sites.

This is so different than when starting out with email. It seemed that I had to constantly come up with new names to sign up with because what I wanted had been taken. I guess this is new enough that I haven't had that problem with blog sites.

Hmm, let me add a photo here - I have a lot to learn about blogging! This is a corner of the Paisley Shawl that was in Interweave Knits. I have always loved paisley. But I haven't the need for another shawl. My dearest friends daughter is expecting a baby soon, so I thought that I would try smaller needles and thicker yarn to make a baby blanket. I love the way it came out - but the color - Quarry Run - is more girly than I thought it would be - so I now have another small shawl. sigh. I think I will use the pattern again for a baby blanket. I like the way knitting from the center out distributed the colors in the yarns. I am sure my paisleys will come out "neater" the second time around.

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