Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catching up

Finding time to do both photos and write something just isn't going to happen!

anyway - the one skein secret pal has been fun, but 3 months was long enough. My upstream OSSP has sent me a pink scarf - along with a thoughtful letter telling me a little more about her.

Then I thought I would check my downstream OSSP - and guess what? Her current project that she has a photo up is also a pink scarf -

are you trying to make me feel guilty? well, it worked -

my sugar maple socks and peach "Knitting Nature" wrap are now on hold - I have started my own pink scarf.

I have been looking at knitty's variation on a frill for a while already and decided to try it now. I am using Mandarin Petit in a soft pink. I thought that since it is made with a fine yarn it could be used as a scarf or shawl.

I am pleased with the start I have made on it. The yarn seems to do better when knit with a larger needle, the yarn seems softer that other attempts I have made to knit with it. The frill part is fun to knit - I had trouble putting it down! darn that laundry and work that take me away from knitting!

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