Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog Blog Blog

I guess I am just not much of a blogger. I keep looking at other sites and admire their little timelines and charts on finished objects and wips. I keep giving my stuff away before I get around to taking a picture to post on my blog.

if i have to choose between knitting and blogging, well, there is no contest.

currently in the works:
  • diagonal knit socks - I am really enjoying the pattern
  • mystery shawl 3 - still can't decide what yarn and beads to use. so far i have set aside some mandarin petit and some infinity soy silk. i think i will try knitting the first clue on each and go from there. white yarn on both of them. i do keep thinking that a black shawl would be nice to have, but do I really want to try to work with black yarn, and I am trying very hard to be good and use up my stash.
  • a top from knitty that is sitting in my bag using yarn I have frogged 3 times from sweater patterns i have liked the picture of but didnt like as I was knitting.

so, there is the latest on the knitting front.

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