Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here is the progress on the mystery shawl from goddess knits. What do you think? It's hard to stretch it out for a photo and not drop stitches. I did drop some when I took this photo. I did what I could to pick up the dropped stitches but I know it was a less than perfect job.

I am beginning to resent the KAL for the speed it is going at. I find myself rushing through and overlooking mistakes for the sake of time. It is losing its' entertainment factor. I am currently struggling on row 136. Saturday Clue 4 came out and it takes us to row 203. This coming Saturday the 5th and final clue will come out. I don't think I will be midway through clue 3 ~ and I have been knitting on this exclusively!

sigh. it started out fun.

meanwhile I tried to drop out of ms3 (mystery stole) but can't seem to be able to. It's been three weeks and I am still getting emails. I have even enlisted the help of yahoo and they can't seem to fix it. sigh.

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