Wednesday, July 23, 2008

washcloth patterns

I try to be organized. Honest. I do.

I am just not very good at "documenting" my knitting. Sure, I start off with pen and pad to work things out. And have a lot of false starts. When I do get it right, I don't believe it until I have washed and used the item and by that time I have forgotten what I have done.

well, I am very happy with this new washcloth so here I am ~ writing it down somewhere I might not lose it!

My pattern for Cotton Rich ~ tried and tested!

yarn: Cascade Cotton Rich
needle size: 7

CO 35 sts
Rows 1 - 7: seed stitch
First and last 5 stitches will be in seed stitch border.

Row 8: Knit
Row 9: Purl
Row 10: knit
Row 11: Knit

Continue until you have 10 "sections"

seed stitch next 7 rows for border & bind off.

Uses one whole skein and makes a nice size cloth.

photos later!

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