Monday, April 20, 2009

not the kind of trip I wanted to take

I guess I should chronicle my odyssey. I have been given quite a few calendars and journals. I think that is what they are for. I don' t know if I am lucky or unfortunate. There seems to be missing pieces. Maybe I need to document these things and that is how I might find the answers. I am beginning to forget details so it might be good to put down here what I remember so far.

Friday Feb 27 - tummy problems that have been bothering me for awhile are so bad, Danny takes me to ER. PCP comes in to see me and says it looks like ovarian cancer. I stay until Sunday morning.

Monday Mar 2 - appt with oncologist in Indy. more tests. more tests scheduled.

Surgery scheduled for March 12

Thursday, March 12 - Surgery at Clarian North. Hysterectomy, ovaries removed, nodes sectioned, appedix taken. Need to wait 10 days for pathology report.

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