Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Skein

It's here!
Supersaver shipping comes through! One Skein is here - but I am afraid to do more than just glance through it. OK - I did more than glance through. The spiral rib bag is calling me! I have one skein of Fiesta Yarns Zia that I had worked up a few bags with but have frogged them all. That pattern might do it!

I am trying to focus on Cashmere Crossings. I am about 3/4 through with it. I think I will be done with cables for awhile by the time I get through it. It is as big as an afghan, so I really shouldn't be too hard on myself for trying to get through it. I really want it done for soccer season!

So cross the first 2 books off the previous list!

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