Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I was so excited about this knitalong and secret pal that I went ahead and ordered the book from Amazon.
Is anyone else disappointed in it? The projects are lame, but I can understand it being a "jumping off" place. Some ideas of what you can do with one skein. I almost bought into that idea, until I tried making one of the patterns.
The patterns are written badly. They are no better than the free patterns that people who have been knitting all of six months have posted on their blogs! Nothing personal, but you know to take your chances with free patterns from someone's personal website, when you pay Interweave Press for a book - you expect something a little more professional.
I should have been warned, like anything else that is hyped a lot - it usually is because the product is unable to stand on its own. I hope that Interweave Press learns that this attempt to get this book sold will hurt their other publications. I will now wait to check the book out at the library before spending my yarn dollars on a book.

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