Sunday, May 14, 2006

So much to say, so little time!

I am excited about this whole secret pal thing. I got my assignment, but no one has contacted me yet. I forgot which blog I wrote down as the one I was going to post my secret pal stuff on.

You see, I am just learning to blog and trying out several sites. I have pretty much decided between this one and

So, I guess I will have to cross post until I find out! I hope my SP likes me, I hope she hasn't changed her mind after reading about me, sigh. I am an insecure knitter I guess. There is what I knows and what I don'ts and then there is a whole area I just don't get bothered over. So there! I try not to be too meredith gray about my knitting. I would never knit a sweater to sooth my soul, but I might have a beer while knitting a washcloth or something.

Now I am excited about a couple of things. My current work in progress - Lilith, in Regimental Red KidLin. I think mine looks better than the picture on the pattern, IMHO

and Mason-Dixon knitting. I saw a few mentions on a blog, saw a blog for it, saw it at Borders and it is a must have. I saw it at Borders, wondered if B&N might have it discounted as a new book and got side tracked by a roadside flower stand. After all, it is mother's day and I wanted to get something for myself. So, I reasoned that I would buy the flowers today with the money I could save if I made myself wait and buy the book online from Amazon.

So here is the book - Borders price was $29.95

The pictures are great and there are some awesome patterns.

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